Custom cabinets

Hinged, folding, cubic, conventional slides, suspended slides, hanging slides and interior accessories.

We have a very extensive catalogue of furniture, in which we take care of the quality. The furniture is thought, designed and manufactured to adapt to the daily life of each of our homes.

Swing door cabinets

We make your personalized wardrobe with swing doors and incredible interiors.

Folding door cabinets

Folding doors allow full opening and access to the interior.

Cubic cupboard

Create versatile and different spaces with custom-made cabinets with doors and external drawers.

Conventional sliding door cabinet

Combine materials and choose the model you like best to customize your home.

Cabinets with suspended sliding doors

We manufacture your personalised wardrobe, giving you the choice of a large number of different door designs.

Sliding door cabinets

New! Exclusive wardrobe that allows you to give different uses to the interior of the wardrobe.
The sliding door hides a study area, a laundry area… Create your own wardrobe.

Interior accessories for cabinets

A thousand accessories to keep the inside of the wardrobe perfectly tidy.

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