Furniture for hotels

Hotel furniture

In Alcomobi we are manufacturers of furniture for hotels, so we offer a wide range of options in decoration and furniture for hotels. We adapt to any design.

Our furniture is specifically conceived to make the functionality and decoration of the different rooms of the hotels satisfactory to the most demanding designer.

Furniture for contract projects in hotels

Alcomobi manufactures contract furniture in Spain and markets it both in our country and internationally. All the designs are unique. Our technical department collaborates with interior designers and architects in the projects to start the manufacture of the furniture with absolute fidelity to its soul. Once the manufacturing process has been completed, the time comes for our logistics and installation departments. We offer a 100% professional assembly service.

Our experience in the contract channel backs us up. Consult the projects carried out.



We manufacture furniture to measure, for hotel rooms, headboards, small tables, desks, paneling…

Hotel Hall

We create unique spaces, we are manufacturers of special furniture, curved counters, glass counters, corian counters…

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